EZLive Caption is a subscription-based closed or open captioning transcription and translation software application. Utilizing state of the art AI-based services, it offers a growing suite of AI-based tools for live as well as on-demand captioning (transcription and translation) and post-production caption editing software.

  • Subscription-based, self-service application to create live captions of internet content
  • Utilizes AI for transcription and translation - translation from 30 different spoken languages to over 50 text-based caption languages
  • Self-service, easy to setup and operate. Does not require scheduling with an outside captioning service
  • Closed / Open Captioning on video stream
  • EZLiveView, a browser- based caption feed, that can be used with almost any streaming or video collaboration service or sent to mobile phones or projected to an in-room screen for in-person events
  • NDI output of captions to easily incorporate captions into your existing workflow
  • Outputs both WebVTT and SRT file formats
  • Easy integration with popular collaboration platforms including Zoom (direct integration or EZLiveView), Webex and Microsoft Teams (using EZLiveView)
  • Easy integration with Wowza media server to support true closed captioning
  • Flexibility to integrate with multiple software and hardware streaming production solutions
  • Integrates into an NDI workflow environment
  • Multiple options to provide onsite (in room) captions
  • Integrated caption editing tool to create 100% accurate captions for on-demand playback

While captioning services have sprung up from many vendors, we recognized a void in the ability to provide accurate, cost effective, easy to use LIVE captioning of internet-bound streaming content. With EZLive Caption, we are at the forefront of providing near real-time captioning transcriptions and translations of live-streaming internet content.


Hardware Requirements: PC (MAC is not supported)
We recommend a minimum of:
• Intel i5 (6th Generation or above)
• 8 GB RAM
• Windows 10

(Always Install and Test EZLive Caption in your environment prior to your live event.)


Streaming captioning of Internet-delivered content opens new markets for many content providers. BxVideo, in collaboration with leading technology partners, is offering EZLive Caption, a subscription-based software application for automatically creating captions for your live events.  Our application combines several advanced technologies in one cost effective and easy-to-use offering for your production workflow.


EZLive Caption, a windows-based software application, provides near real-time captioning of the voice track for live streaming. Captions are automatically injected into Internet-bound streams (Open Captions) or can easily be edited in post-production, with the EZLive Editor, for on-demand content streams.
By default, EZLive Caption creates open captions, captions that are embedded in the video and cannot be turned off. If your workflow utilizes a Wowza streaming server and you have a player that supports true closed captioning (such as JW Player), EZLive Caption does support Closed Captioning of your content.

Several years ago, we recognized a void in the market for helping clients provide live captions of internet based streaming content. EZLive Caption was developed based on our 17 plus years of corporate and event-based live streaming of content. 



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