Open Captioning:


  • Select Source from the list and press “Refresh” if the source does not appear right away. If you are using encoder software, please select the output NDI ® source from your encoding application. The volume slider adjusts the volume to monitor the source, it does not affect the input volume to the application. The top left corner will indicate how many transcription minutes are left in your account.



  • Make sure that “Output NDI®  Video Overlay” is checked off so the encoder can see it as a source. Select “Output to File” to write an .srt file and then select “Caption File” to save it to your desired location (otherwise it will save the .srt file to “my documents”)



  • Press the “Start Transcribing” button to begin transcription, the button will turn for green to red.



  • Press the “Stop Transcribing” button to stop transcription, the button will turn from red to green.



  • In the Encoding Application (Such as Wirecast) select the NDI ® output of EZLive Caption to overlay on your video (Open Captioning).




Wowza Closed Captioning:


  • Note: Please Download the EZLive Caption Wowza Server Configuration, also requires a player that is compatible with live Close Captioning (such as JWPLAYER).


  • Select “Output to Wowza” Enter in the Wowa Configuration information, the press “save”


  • Press “Start Transcribing” to send your captions to Wowza


  • The bottom left corner will indicate that EZLive Caption is outputting to Wowza.




EZLive Caption, a windows-based software application, provides near real-time captioning of

the voice track for live streaming. Captions are automatically injected into Internet-bound

streams (Open Captions) or can easily be edited in post-production, with the EZLive editor, for

on-demand content streams.


By default, EZLive Caption creates open captions, captions that are embedded in the video and

cannot be turned off. If your workflow utilizes a Wowza streaming server and you have a player

that supports true closed captioning (such as JW Player), EZLive Caption does support Closed

Captioning of your content.


EZLive Caption FAQ


Q: EZLive Caption vs. EZlive Caption Plus

A: EZLive Caption


Transcription only

Available in 30 input spoken languages

1-to-1 speech-to-text caption

Language chosen per captioning



Spoken Language ----> Text output

 English ---->  English

 Spanish   ---->  Spanish

 Chinese  ---->  Chinese

 French ---->  French

 Thai ---->  Thai


A: EZlive Caption Plus


Transcription and Translation

Available in 30 input spoken languages

1-to-1 speech-to-text transcription PLUS

1-to-1 speech-to-text translation

Translation combination chosen per

captioning session


Spoken Language ----> Text output

 English ---->  English

                         + Chinese

 Spanish ---->  Spanish

                         + English

 Chinese  ---->  Chinese

                         + French



Input Language:


1. English (United States)

2. English (Australia)

3. English (Canada)

4. English (United Kingdom)

5. English (India)

6. English (New Zealand)

7. Catalan (Spain)

8. Chinese (Mandarin, simplified)

9. Chinese (Mandarin, Traditional)

10. Chinese (Taiwanese Mandarin)

11. Danish (Denmark)

12. Dutch (Netherlands)

13. Finnish (Finland)

14. French (Canada)

15. French (France)

16. German (Germany)

17. Hindi (India)

18. Italian (Italy)

19. Japanese (Japan)

20. Korean (Korea)

21. Norweigan (Bokmål) (Norway)

22. Polish (Poland)

23. Portuguese (Brazil)

24. Portuguese (Portugal)

25. Russian (Russia)

26. Spanish (Spain)

27. Spanish (Mexico)

28. Swedish (Sweden)

29. Thai (Thailand)

30. Arabic (Egypt


Output Language:


1. English

2. Afrikaans

3. Arabic

4. Bangla

5. Bosnian (Latin)

6. Bulgarian

7. Catalan

8. Cantonese (Traditional)

9. Chinese Simplified

10. Chinese Traditional

11. Croatian

12. Czech

13. Danish

14. Dutch

15. Estonian

16. Fijian

17. Filipino

18. Finnish

19. French

20. German

21. Greek

22. Haitian Creole

23. Hebrew

24. Hindi

25. Hmong Daw

26. Hungarian

27. Indonesian

28. Italian

29. Japanese

30. Kiswahili

31. Klingon

32. Korean

33. Latvian

34. Lithuanian

35. Malagasy

36. Malay

37. Maltese

38. Norwegian

39. Persian

40. Polish

41. Portuguese

42. Querétaro Otomi

43. Romanian

44. Russian

45. Samoan

46. Serbian (Cyrillic)

47. Serbian (Latin)

48. Slovak

49. Slovenian

50. Spanish

51. Swedish

52. Tahitian

53. Tamil

54. Thai

55. Tongan

56. Turkish

57. Ukrainian

58. Urdu

59. Vietnamese

60. Welsh

61. Yucatec Maya



Q:  How do I select the translation feature in EZLive Caption Plus?

A:  1.Go the "Language Menu Tab" , then

      2. select the "Input Audio Language"

      3. select the "Output Caption Language


Q: Can EZLive Caption be used for TV Broadcasting?

A: No, EZLive Caption is designed for live internet web streaming.


Q: Does EZLive Caption require NDI® as an input source?

A: Yes, NDI® (video over IP protocol developed by Newtek®) is the only input source that can

be used in EZLive Caption.


Q: How are the captions displayed on my viewer?

A: The captions (text overlay) output from EZLive Caption also uses the NDI® protocol to

inject the captions into your video stream.


Q: Can EZLive Caption support true closed captioning?

A: Yes. If your workflow uses a Wowza Server for streaming and you have a closed caption

enabled player, such as JWPlayer, the captions can be controlled (turned on or off) through

the player dashboard.


Q: Can I use EZLive Caption to caption a previously recorded video file?

A: Yes, you can use VLC Player with the NDI® plugins to feed EZLive Caption a file of

recorded video/audio from a compatible capture device. You can download the (free) NDI

Tools from Newtek, Then you can select the NDI® output from the VLC as

an input to EZLive Caption. We recommend that you use a separate PC so as not to overload

your primary captioning computer.


Q: Does EZLive Caption run on a Mac?

A: No, Windows 10 on a PC only.


Q: What are the computer hardware requirement for run EZLive Caption?

A: We recommend a minimum of:

• Intel i5 (5th Generation or above)

• 8 GB RAM

• Windows 10


Q: What is the recommended bandwidth for captioning

A: We recommend a 1 Mbps upload and download for optimal performance. Any slower

connection speed is likely to result in a longer delay in receiving the caption text.


Q: What encoding software is EZLive Caption Compatible with?


• Wirecast 8 and above

• Tricaster with NDI® Compatibly

• Tricaster DS


• Livestream


Although not tested, any encoder software or hardware that is NDI® compatible should

work with EZLive Caption


Q: What is the file format of the transcription file EZLive Caption creates?

A: EZLive Caption can write either a standard .srt format


Q: What is the difference between Open Captioning and Closed Captioning

A: Open Captioning embeds the captions as a video overlay. Closed Captions are handled

directly by a server (eg, Wowza) and video player (eg, JWplayer) and the captions can be

toggled on/off through the player.


EZLive Caption creates Open Captioning with any of our recommended video encoders (or

potentially any encoder software or hardware that is NDI® compatibile). At this time, Wowza

Media server and a closed caption enable player are required to perform true closed

captioning with EZLive Caption.


Q: How do I setup my Wowza Server for closed captioning?

A: Contact to download the Wowza Server plug-in and further



Q: How does Audio Quality of my source video impact my captioning?

A: Clarity of the audio signal and a sufficient volume level are key factors in achieving the

best transcription possible. The NDI® Tools referenced above have an application to monitor

video and audio which would help in determining correct levels


Q: Can I run the EZLive Caption application on the same machine that I am using to

encode my video?

A: We recommend that you do not use the same machine to encode video and run EZLive



Q: What is your recommendation on Hardwire vs WIFI internet connection for operating

EZLive Caption?

A: We strongly recommend using a hardwire connection.


Q: Do you have recommendations regarding the interaction of EZLive Caption with a

Network Switch?

A: We recommend using a managed GigE-network switch. NDI® performance may be

dependent upon network traffic and network devices that might affect IP performance.


Q: My preview screen is black with a "Media File Download Failure". What is the problem?

A: Sometimes the Direct Show Filters used the in the Ezlive Caption application to display the preview video are broken due to a windows update. This will require the user to uninstall and reinstall the EZLive Caption application. Or if you are still having issues, please email EZLive Caption support at


Contact for assistance.


NDI® Troubleshooting Help:

Download the NDI® Tools from the NewTek website for helpful utilities to use with NDI®

applications. This is a free set of tools to assist in using and troubleshooting NDI®





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