automatically Transcribe and Caption Live Streams



Transcribe and Caption Live Streams

Features include:

  • Application based— compatible with popular Webcasting Software including Wirecast—vMix—TriCaster—VLC—xSplit
  • NDI® Compatibility easily connects into existing production workflows
  • Leverages automatic Natural Language Processing  (NLP)
  • Outputs standard captioning key formats (.srt and .vtt)

Transcribe and Caption Live Streams

Benefits include:

  • Intelligent automatic video-to-text extraction
  • Fast (near real time)
  • Accurate
  • Inexpensive (fraction of the cost of human transcription services)
  • Easy to acquire, install, integrate and use



Streaming closed captioning of Internet-delivered content opens new markets for many content providers.  BxVideo, in collaboration with leading technology partners, is offering the new EZLive Caption service. This service combines several advanced technologies in one inexpensive and easy-to-use offering that utilizes NDI ® to integrate directly into your existing production workflow.



EZLive Caption automatically analyzes your multimedia-over-IP (NDI®) stream for the presence of an English voice track, transcribes the speech into text, overlays the real-time closed-captioning text in the video and prepares the new stream for video-over-IP distribution.  Based on proven Artificial Intelligence (AI), transcription accuracy will be as good or better than human-transcribed speech at a fraction of the cost.

BxVideo Solutions

Our services are designed for companies who are leveraging the power of video-over-IP streaming to deliver multimedia presentations and meetings locally, nationally and globally. Whether they are clients, employees, customers or just interested parties, viewers will appreciate the new enhanced closed captioned streams.  Let your remote audience experience the same level of content and collaboration that members of your live audience receive. Our services are a cost-effective means for quickly and easily delivering streaming event content in a completely turn-key manner.


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EZLive Caption provides near real-time captioning of the voice track for live streaming. Captions are automatically injected into Internet-bound streams or can easily be edited in post production for on-demand content streams.